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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Are you new here?

Today Seth Godin has an idea I've been suggesting for churches for about three months. A big "First time here?" sign. I'm of the opinion that churches should have some sort of sign outside their worship center that draws new people in.

I would say you should go one better and connect that to your website. There should be a "First time here?" section of your homepage and the colors and fonts should match the banner.

The next step is that the "First time here?" section includes someone from the church taking about the church and then that's the person standing under the sign on Sunday mornings.

Imagine how welcoming to a visitor, they have already heard this person talk either in video or in their own words on the website, they recognize their face and know they have two kids and a dog.

That's the hospitality I think churches are called to.

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